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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Enablement

If there is one thing you should know about the majority of B2B sales teams, it would have to be the fact that they spend fifty percent of their time un unproductive prospecting. In this day and age, businesses have become more focused on their customers. These teams must not be relying on ineffective and outdated sales methodologies and tactics anymore. For this reason, sales enablement has become very important. So, what is sales enablement that you should know and its contribution in B2B sales?

If you say sales enablement, you are referring to a set of platforms, processes, and practices that will boost the overall performance of your sales teams. They work through acquiring new customers to help boost revenue. For this reason, you will notice how a lot of B2B organizations are working with B2B agencies. A B2B agency works by assessing the underperformance in the sales processes of these organizations. Once they’ve carried out proper assessments, they will proceed to provide these organizations recommendations on new technologies and process optimizations. The things that they recommend are those that enhance the overall effectiveness and operations of the organizations. There are some noteworthy facts about sales enablement that you should know about for the true value of it in any B2B organization.

One of the reasons why B2B organizations can benefit from sales enablement will have to be their role in marketing and sales alignment. It is very easy to see sales and marketing teams that aren’t properly aligned that belong in the same B2B organization. Traditionally, organizations have it in their minds that a lead should first be engaged through marketing and then the sales representative follows. Unfortunately, you find 65% of sales reps that claim they cannot find any content to give to their prospects. This is a common complaint that you will notice among sales teams.

This kind of situation can root form one of two things. First, the marketing team might have handed off leads to sales without ensuring that they are qualified and providing them sufficient education. Second, you also have the case where the sales teams are not utilizing what marketing assets they have to nurture and educate prospects into new customers. With sales enablement, this breakdown is something that it identifies and assesses. Certain methods are then recommended to help bridge this gap between the two teams. This seamlessly engages prospects through their buyer experience starting from awareness to revenue.

Sales enablement also plays a crucial role in generating B2B demands. For many years, activities involved in B2B demand generation were only associated with marketing. It is vital, however, that one must also give credit to sales teams as they are part these activities too. With the help of sales enablement, sales teams have a role of equal importance as that of marketing teams in lead generation and nurturing.

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